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ACTUMx is a specialist in IT professionals.

It is part of the ACTUM Digital family, so one of its great advantages is a very good orientation in the field. Therefore, you can be sure that it will always provide you with the right people for any IT specialization you need.

 Do you lack the know-how or a certain competence? Do you need to expand your internal team or build it from scratch?

ACTUMx provides personnel solutions in the following fields:

We only provide experienced and trained professionals who go through certifications and participate in various training sessions and workshops. Therefore, you can always be sure that they will have an overview of the current situation in the industry and that their education will meet your needs.

In addition, you can be sure that we have any expert at the very moment when we offer them. So it can’t happen that we start looking for them at the moment of demand, reducing our requirements for their qualifications.

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