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Jan Havel - Managing Partner

Jan Havel

Managing Partner

Doctor of Economy, a devout opponent of central banking, a lover of English humor and the Futurama cartoon series, science fiction, frisbees, father of three sons and a co-founder of Actum. His role is to ensure that existing clients are satisfied and to encourage a positive reputation among potential clients.

Ratibor Líbal - Customer Intelligence / Consultant Managing Partner

Ratibor Líbal

Managing Partner

A founding member of Actum, a strategic consultant and a perfectionist. He loves work that is carried out perfectly and a high conversion rate is a rewarding factor in what he does. His philosophy revolves around simplicity, clarity and effectiveness.

Milan Kočí - .NET Development Director

Milan Kočí

Development Director

Steadfast optimist, who lives by the motto: ,,Nothing is never so bad that it can’t be worse”, and a lover of the humor of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, constantly working on solutions to every problem regardless of its complexity. He is always attempting to use his brain despite knowing that a life with one is easier. Among his hobbies are playing badminton and relaxing on his ,,farm” in the Podkrkonoší region.

Gianluca Turturro - Lead Solutions Architect

Gianluca Turturro

Lead Solutions Architect

Passionate techie, Vespa rider and Sitecore MVP. His main mantra is: ,,To get the most out of whatever is being done”. This is one of the reasons why his entire team, including himself, is focused on business-first, effectivity-first digital systems design and consultancy.

Denisa Lorencová - Lead UX Designer

Denisa Lorencová

Lead UX Designer

Dedicated to making the customer the heart of every business decision and, together with her team, striving every day to make the web a better place. In her free time she enjoys horseback riding, snowboarding, photography and sailing.

Michal Nosál - Quality Assurance Team Lead

Michal Nosál

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Reliable properly functioning software is what matters to him the most. He loves riding his bike and when he can go by the highways and byways and discover new places. Savoring different varieties of loose-leaf green tea is another of his pleasures.

Jakub Hejsek - HR Director

Jakub Hejsek

HR Director

Salesperson, marketer and devotee of modern people management and development trends, his greatest wish would be to replace corporate paperwork with personal interaction and apps. His free time is for his kids and the mountains and, when possible, the two combined.

Kaveh Kalantar - Lead Project Manager and Agile Coach

Kaveh Kalantar

Lead Project Manager and Agile Coach

Veteran basketball player, acting as Lead Project Manager and Agile Coach. Helping project teams and clients on Agile/Lean Values, Principles and Practices. He is a book worm, enjoys creating things, and writes a blog sometimes. Also he strives to be a pro Japanese calligrapher somehow!

What it's like working at Actum

Michal Seidl

Senior .NET Developer Kentico

I have been in Actum for four years now and I still like the work here. Each new project has different requirements, which brings new work ideas and experiences. But what is best about Actum is the team of people I meet and work with every day, so I hope I will stay here for quite some time.

Jakub Zavřel

Front-End Developer

It’s great at Actum. We have a hot chocolate vending machine and I am allowed to watch Czech TV as well. I work on my experience and knowledge with the help of my more experienced colleagues during our code reviews and front-end meetings. We also have internal training programs in place to help me. The front-end team is always open to the newest technologies available and we can call GitHub our home. I can also use English while communicating with clients or with our company teacher from San Francisco.

Michal Aron

Senior Java Developer

I really like the "anti-corporate" approach in Actum. You can really feel the responsibility of everyone in the team for the project. There is a real will and effort of the developers to do things right, not just to satisfy the nearest manager above you like in many big enterprises. We have opportunity to use cutting-edge technologies and to build up best practices of whole Java team, which is relatively new. Also we have an opportunity to work on a "greenfield" project with high level of independence and right to make crucial architectural decisions. This is a big challenge for us, but our team is definitely not for someone who would rather like to work in a more "relaxed" way with not much stress and no challenges :-)

Lukáš Karas

QA Team Lead

As a member of the QA team, I try to make sure that the software which we hand over to the customer meets high quality criteria. This is what we manage to achieve with the help of automated tests. I also work with a number of other tools that improve and facilitate my work (such as JIRA, in which we can effectively organize our project). As a member of the agile Scrum team I also have the opportunity to influence the quality of active communication with team members and customers. We also have the opportunity to meet customers in person as part of our trips to Germany and Romania.

What is it like working at Actum
What is it like working at Actum What is it like working at Actum