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ACTUM+ is a partner to companies that want to create a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. We are consultants and experts with hands-on“ client-side experience. We will provide a digital audit and, depending on your business goals, we will prepare a solution that will enhance your digital business performance.

We will help you activate your current or upcoming digital platform to increase your business performance. Using the CX Maturity Model for Digital Transformation, our Consulting Team will guide you through a digital transformation – from a modern digital platform to an individual customer experience to a satisfied and loyal customer who repeatedly returns to your brand.

We will support your entire digital solution – our dedicated teams will help you with the digital strategy, personalization, email strategy, setting up of functional processes and the subsequent execution of individual activities. We have a team of outstanding specialists in each area of digital communication – performance marketing, web and data analytics, business intelligence and content management. We can also provide training for your employees or outsourcing of individual services.

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Do you know that even simple personalization techniques will bring you extra revenue or conversions? We will help you segment your customers, define the needs of target groups and respond to changes in their behaviour. We place emphasis on the learning process, testing, optimization and relevant content creation. Thanks to data-driven solutions, predictive analysis and marketing automation, we will ensure a consistent and personalized customer experience at all touchpoints.

Performance & Analytics

We understand what is happening on your digital platforms. Our Analytics Team will help you define your web goals, SEO, PPC, etc., including the necessary measurement. We collect and interpret data using tools such as Sitecore Engagement Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Webtrends, Tableau, Collabim, Crazy Egg and Hotjar. Our Performance Team ensures complete online campaign management to maximize your business results in digital environment.


Launching a new digital platform? Do you need content management in multiple languages? Our Content Management Team has successfully managed to migrate more than 10,000 pages for METRO Cash & Carry in 25 countries within content migration services. We provide migration of analytical and SEO data, including meta data, ICIDs, Alt and titles for images and files. Naturally, this also includes translations by native speakers. Everything is based on the UX design, respecting the business objectives of each page.

Email marketing

Hundreds of thousands of personalized emails sent by one click? Save up to 70% of your emailing campaign costs. Our Emailing Team will propose a strategy and execution for you. A responsive design campaign can be created and tested in 3–6 hours. We prepare targeted emails in different languages with static or dynamically changing content. We are partners of top emailing technology such as IBM Marketing Cloud and optivo® broadmail.

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What if you needed to create a digital strategy and choose a technology platform?

ACTUM develops and implements extensive technological solutions, such as presentation sites, eCommerce and community portals.

What if you need Developers, Software and Solution Architects, Database Specialists or other professionals for your own team?

ACTUMx provides clients with IT professionals outsourcing service.

Actum Iot

What if more and more devices connected to the Internet provide real-time and real-world data that you can use for your business?

ACTUM IoT will help you to enrich your digital platform.


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Managing Director ACTUM+

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Marika Horáková

Emailing Hub Team Lead

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Jiří Kohutka

Web Analytics Lead

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Content Hub Team Lead

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Personalization Team Lead

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